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GIVASH - Spatula

GIVASH - Spatula

The GIVASH SPATULA is a little helper that we made if you prefer not no dip your fingers into jars of cream (it's OK we know you're out there and we love you too).
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The GIVASH Spatula is made from high quality 316 Stainless Steel just like what is used in many surgical tools. Each spatula has been cut out from solid stainless steel sheet and then finished and polished by hand to get rid of any sharp edges and remove the standard dull finish to make it look all shiny for you... 'cause we know you like your spatulas to shine! And you know what else is great, besides the fact that we didn't make it out of plastic (which would have been a gazillion times easier).... this spatula won't absorb any microbes, it's easy to wipe clean and it is soooo durable that in a "rule" environment it will last for over 1,000 you should only ever need one....unless of course you loose it...or live longer than a rock! But that puts us on to the next cool thing....we made it the right size so that it can also fit inside the deodorant jar for easy storage when out and about with your when you take it to the gym, out for dinner or even when the two for you get some quality time to go and see a movie. The spatula is presented resting in a small wooded insert (because spatulas need down time too!)

How to Use/Apply

The GIVASH Spatula can be used as a tool to remove a small amount of product from the jar so you do not have to dip your finger into a jar of product. You can then transfer the product from the spatula to your finger and apply...if that makes sense?!!!


Tool - 316 Stainless Steel
Insert - Wood


Please allow 2-4 business days for delivery.

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