About Us

GIVASH is more than just a brand...GIVASH is an attitude. 

GIVASH walks down a beauty care shopping isle, looks at the rows and rows of plastic containers filled with product, picks a couple up and trys to understand half the stuff on the ingredient label and says to itself...'we can do better than that guys'. Better for you, better for your body, better for the planet. The seed of a then nameless entity is planted.

Not long after that epiphany founder Mike Bremner began developing his first body care product. Mike is an engineer who had in a past life worked in the healthcare industry but to be honest creating bodycare products was a whole new ball game. He believed he could engineer natural bodycare products with a bigger picture in mind. What, when, who, how and why is this guy making this stuff you may ponder... hmmm well yeah... that's a jolly good question... it's just a guy and a dream and a bucket load of perseverance... and so it begins...

The first product for you guys was not intended to be a deodorant, it was actually going to be a natural hair product...that is until Mike's sister called in one day and asked if he could make her a nautral deodorant. You see, Mike's sister is one of the kindest and bubbly people that you could ever hope to meet, and she is also a cancer survivor. Recently she had began to look a lot closer at what she was putting on her body, only wanting to use products that were derived from natural sources. Mike stopped what he was doing. Hmmmm, not as glamerous as a hair product he first thought but definately more meaningful in this instance, "So yeah, let's do this thing".

From that day on there has only been one product on our mind. We have been laser focused on developing this natural deodorant and this natural deodorant only. In the future you will see more products from us but for now this product gets our full attention. Literally we have created hundreds and hundreds of recipes through which we have fine tuned the formula to lead us to where we are today. So there you go, a natural deodorant is born and we are oh so proud of our new "baby". We hope you love it as much as we do.

Our luxurious natural products are made for you from down here near the bottom of the world in Aotearoa, New Zealand.


Givash about yourself...
Givash about others...
Givash about the planet.