Are Underarm Cosmetic Products (UCPs) Safe to Use?

Have you even wondered what the long term health effects of using underarm cosmetic products (UCPs) like antiperspirants are?  Well, we kinda have....

Most of us have very busy lives and seldom would get time to contemplate such a thing let alone actually research it. If we stop for a minute and ponder.... what happens to the body over time when we apply chemicals next to our armpit sweat ducts? Do we absorb anything from these products...perhaps something that the body isn't naturally designed to handle...hmmmm...not sure really?

So sure, a particular underarm cosmetic product manufacturers' main objective may be to make us smell like flowers, or a forest or some sultry being and many are very good at that. Many also want to cause reduced sweating by adding ingredients to block sweat ducts. But, did the design brief go far enough from a stakeholders point of view....maybe... I guess your mind may think so ....but what does your body think?

OK, so let's then imagine that if everyday on which you used certain products for your underarm "protection" [protection from Mr Stinky that is], that some of the product contents would not only be absorbed but would also slowly accumulate in your body over time.... is that a good thing.... hmmmm.... once again maybe... or then again maybe not?

So in a report from the database of the National Library of Medicine (a leader in research in biomedical informatics and data science and the world's largest biomedical library) the reports interpretations noted that frequent use of underarm cosmetic products may lead to an accumulation of Aluminium in breast tissue.  It then went on to say that more than daily use of UCPs at younger ages may increase the risk of breast cancer. You will notice the word "may" in there.... so not definitive by any means but still worth contemplation when deciding which deodorant or antiperspirant to use. You can see an excerpt from the report below.

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Mike Bremner
GIVASH Founder


Excerpt from Report...


Report Findings for Use of Underarm Cosmetic Products

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