What is GIVASH natural deodorant?

It's OK, we're here now with our luxurious and effective natural deodorant cream.

GIVASH Natural Deodorant is a natural vegan unisex underarm deodorant cream (gee that's a mouthful) that protects against odour for all day freshness.

  • Givash natural deodorant in a glass jar
  • Givash ORIGINAL Natural Deodorant is made from coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil & shea butter to moisturize along with natural deodorizers for odour control. A special blend of essential oils provides a gentle unisex scent that embellishes you with subtle aromas from nature whilst at the same time incorporating antimicrobial benefits from the likes of New Zealand Manuka Oil β-triketones for increased odour control. This carefully balanced blend, including 10 different natural antibacterial agents, has been specifically formulated to manage Mr Stinky from all angles whilst at the same time remaining gentle even on sensitive skin.

    Free from Aluminum, parabens, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and other nasty sh%$.

OK, so why use it?

  • So here's the skinny... we wanted to provide you with an alternative method of underarm odour control that was natural. Our formulations have been tuned up from literally hundreds of trials and errors (oh, and don't worry, all our testing was done on friends and family, not cute fury animals). The compass bearing that we set right from the beginning for GIVASH was that we wanted better for your body and we wanted better for the planet. This meant using natural ingredients and keeping you guys away from stuff that contains parabens, Aluminium and "fragrances" what ever they are?! We also wanted to minimize plastic packaging where possible. Sure we're not at zero use yet but our glass jars, paper labels, cardboard boxes, metal spatula tools and wooden inserts have us 95% of the way there and we are only just beginning baby. So to us, and perhaps to you, GIVASH Natural Deodorant is much more than just a glass jar with cream in it that stops you smelling liked a diced onion stuck in an old gym sock (no offence, particularly to you onions out there).

So how do I use it?

  • Givash girl in a white singlet and light blue pyjama bottom holding a jar of GIVASH natural deodorant cream with one arm raised. Situated on a light yellow background.
  • It's Super easy to use guys. Simply scoop out a pea sized amount (yip the same size as one of those wee green veges) and apply the cream as you would apply a moisturizer to your underarm(it's fine, it's just wonderful you, even those bits). One application in the morning and you're good to go for the whole day. For those of you who don't like the thought of putting your finger into a jar of cream (it's OK, we know you're out there and we love you too) then we have a special little spatula available just for you (click the link below to find out more).... Ooooo!

    GIVASH Special Little Spatula 
  • We don't need no greenwashing badge to make up for something but we did want to give back by supporting these guys.

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